From The Other Shore




“A provocative journey through the mind of an artist that sways among a romantic past, a longing present, and hopeful future.”

In 1995 Jorge Luis Seco’s was honored by the Círculo de Escritores y Poetas Iberoamericano (CEPI) for his poetic work. In the following year, he published his first novel. Donde Tú Eres Mi Sol, to wide acclaim. In 1998 it was publised in English as The Only Sun I Need. His second novel, Cuba: Only For Tourist, is due for release in the Summer of 2002.

The heat wets my body giving it an erotic varnish, the smell of flesh makes it harder making it so thet my senses rise to zones that I don’t control. The sun blinds me when I look at it, it crystallizes my gaze, its impatient rays continue licking the skin, that free from ties crazily surrenders to pleasure. Its light caresses me, there is no where to hide …


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